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All-Mountain Skis

With 3D.Ridge construction is predestined for ALL kinds of slopes. If you don't want to compromise choosing the right slopes, if you want to be on top of your game in every snow condition, you need to take a closer look at the Deacon 80 with tip & tail rocker. Built with 3D.Ridge and a 3D.Glass sheathing this ski features Völkl's 3D radius sidecut technology to make you feel at home anywhere you ski. It lifts the carving performance of the ski into another dimension. The LowRide XL binding with GripWalk compatibility offers an extra low stand height for a super direct feel and power transfer. Details: - Dimensions: 128-80-111 - Sidecut Radius Center: - - Tip & Tail Rocker - Multilayer Woodcore - Base Material P-Tex 2100 - Full Sidewall - Binding Plate pre-Mounted: Integrated Rail System - Pre-Mounted Binding Type: iPT Lowride XL
84 mm waist width for maximum pleasure on icy or fresh-covered slopes. The Deacon 84 skis as well on icy slopes as on fresh snow, bringing a smile to the face of experienced skiers. The integrated Titanal Frame delivers power and stability, and the LowRide XL binding with GripWalk allows great power transfer due to the extra low stand height. The ski comes with Full Sidewall and a P-Tex 4504 base. The 3D.Ridge construction, with Titanal Frame combined with 3D.Glass and Tip & Tail rocker, also increases the power transfer and higher torsional stiffness, an improved edge grip, and better liveliness. The 3D radius sidecut technology lifts the carving performance of the ski into another dimension. The ideal on-piste carver for changing snow conditions. Details: - Dimensions: 132-84-115 - Sidecut Radius Center: - - Tip & Tail Rocker - Multilayer Woodcore - Base Material: P-Tex 4504 - Full 3D Sidewall - Titanal Frame - Steel Tip Protector - Premounted Binding Plate: Integrated Rail System - Premounted Binding Type: iPT Lowride XL
All Mountain at its best. Featuring Völkl's brand new Carbon Fiber Functional Placement, this highly sportive, versatile, and light Deacon premium model delivers everything modern ski technology has to offer. Just when you thought it can't get any better, here comes the Deacon V.Werks edition. The Deacon premium model with 84mm under the foot features Völkl's brand new Carbon Fiber Functional Placement. Never before has it been possible to distribute power to the tip and the tail in such a precise way. The carbon fibers are no longer integrated as a uniform fleece but added through a stitching process in such a way that the fiber orientation and strength perfectly match the functional requirements of each ski section. As the most important areas of a slope ski are the tip and the tail, these are the areas with the highest concentration of carbon fibers, offering a fantastic liveliness and dynamic with only minimal skier's effort. Like the other Deacon models, the ski is built with our innovative 3D Radius sidecut technology, precisely adjusted to the ski's tip & tail rocker design. The open radius provides stability and smoothness at the highest speeds and in demanding conditions. To increase the power transmission and shock-absorption qualities even more, the Deacon V.Werks comes with a 0.7mm-thick Titanal frame surrounding the most stressed tip and tail areas. If you are looking for an extremely versatile, incredibly powerful, super-light, and yet playful all mountain ski for all conditions, the Deacon V.Werks is a dream come true. The integrated IPT Lowride binding system sets new standards regarding power transmission by shifting critical functions further into the ski body. Plus, it is 400g lighter than the previous version. 3 Radius Sidecut - Three radii in one ski for maximum turning & speed versatility in all-mountain skiing Full Sidewall - Direct and strong power transmission with full-length sidewalls. 3D.Ridge - Central Woodcore Ridge with super-slim wings to significantly reduce weight and swing weight and keep the stability where necessary. 3D Hybrid Multilayer Woodcore - A very dynamic woodcore with a combination of hardwood, poplar, beech, and isocore in the center and a super-light hard wood poplar mix in the outer areas. The 3D Hybrid Mulitlayer Woodcore can be found in the Deacon V.Werks - Rocker: XTD Tip & Tail Rocker - Core: 3 D WoodCore Light - Base: P-Tex 4504 - Skiing Level: Advanced, Professional
This is an all-mountain freeride with a state-of-the-art build that can be used for so many different things by experienced skiers who relish powerful turns on any terrain and on any piste. Like the new Mantra and Kenja, the Kendo 88 comes with revised geometry and a one-meter shorter center radius in its 3D Radius Sidecut. The key is that the three different radii combined in one ski make for enormously versatile cornering. The new 16 m radius in the middle further increases its radius variability. Thrills await if you love tight turns cut fully on the edge. This ski encourages a sporty, intuitive style on groomed slopes, but also provides the maneuverability you need to get through challenging terrain. Less force is required too, thanks to a shorter centre radius. This season, the Kendo 88 also features Tailored Carbon Tips and a Tailored Titanal Frame. So if it wasn’t clear already, there can now be no doubt that Fun is Kendo’s middle name. Tailored Technologies – exclusively from Völkl The Tailored Titanal Frame, which features in the Mantra, Secret, Kendo, and Kenja, is an evolution of our familiar Titanal Frame. In this design, the width of the Titanal upper belt can be adapted to the length of the ski; the resulting torsional stiffness and the desired damping behavior can be adapted to the skier. The Titanal content is reduced in shorter skis, which means shorter and lighter skiers can get the most out of their skis without excessive effort. The new Tailored Carbon Tips make the Kendo 88 extremely versatile. Carbon fibers applied by means of Tailored Fibre Placement (TFP) allow our engineers to influence curve behavior with great accuracy. The strength and alignment of the fibers define the force you need to apply and the energy that builds up where it’s needed. Agile shovel reaction is a feature of special note. This means that as soon as you initiate a turn, you can steer the ski in a measured, easy manner. In other words, simply think about changing direction – and it happens. This construction also allows means less weight without any loss of stability. Also included in the new Kendo 88 with tip and tail rocker is our renowned multilayer wood core surrounded by a full sidewall and a P-Tex 2100 base. - Dimensions: 129-88-113 - Sidecut Radius Center: 13 - Tip & Tail Rocker - Tailored Carbon Tips - Tailored Titanal Frame - Full Sidewall - 3D Radius Sidecut - Base P-Tex 2100 - Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Binding Plate Premounted: no
How do you improve a legend? You retain the features that made the ski famous and add the latest innovations, which allow progress where a year ago you couldn’t see any room for improvement. The Mantra M6 again comes with a multilayer wood core and tip and tail rocker. But in the coming season, the newly designed ski body will, for the first time, be adapted to a 3D radius sidecut concept with a tailored Titanal frame. By adopting the Titanal components to the various ski lengths and thus to the skier’s proportions, not only can the tip and tail ends be weight-optimized, but the torsional stiffness can also be influenced, thereby improving the ride qualities. This retains the familiar stability of a Titanal ski while also making the Mantra M6 noticeably lighter and more agile to control. The handling characteristics of the Mantra M6 are also enhanced by the tailored carbon tip. The dedicated positioning of the carbon fibers results in a precise tip response and vastly improves the ski’s torsional stiffness. In summary, the Mantra M6 is even more versatile than its predecessor and once again offers maximum fun! Details: - Dimensions: 135-96-119 - Multilayer Woodcore 1 - Base P-Tex 2100 - 3D Radius Sidecut - Full Sidewall - Tailored Carbon Tips - Tailored Titanal Frame - Tip & Tail Rocker - Binding Plate Premounted: No - Recommended Binding: 7524U1.GB GRIFFON 13 ID 100MM BLACK;7624U1.JB JESTER 16 ID 100MM BLACK/GRAY
Energetic and stable, the Stance 80W is just the ski you need to confidently progress. A layer of Titanal gives you just the right amount of energy to cruise through crud and icy groomers, while a progressive frontside sidecut and wood core offer lively and controllable turns no matter how steep or deep the snow is. M10 binding completes the system All-Mountain profile The skis' medium to high camber delivers good grip on hard-packed snow, while a progressive rocker in the tip and tail keeps them easy to maneuver in all snow conditions. FEATURES & FABRICS: - Poplar Woodcore: Woodcore offers stability, liveliness, and forgiveness while ensuring good ski-to-snow contact. - Single Ti: A single layer of titanal reinforcement on top of the core for great edge grip, efficient energy transfer, and liveliness. - Ti-C Frame - All Mountain Profile - Semi Sandwich Sidewalls - Tip protector: Increased ski longevity: keeping skis visually attractive even after intense use. - Easytrak monopart
$549.95 - $600.00
With a progressive sidecut, and confidence-building stability, the Salomon Women's Stance 80 is a quick and reliable ride with just the right amount of power to keep you coming back for more. The Titanal laminate construction grips the snow, while added carbon windows create a smooth flex, and effortless on-snow feel. M10 binding completes the system.
If your skiing technique is developed, but your confidence level holds you back when it comes to higher speeds or steeper terrain, then the V-Shape V4 is the ultimate confidence booster. Its geometry and broad shovel actively help you initiate your turns. The narrower tail gives every turn a smooth finish. As your confidence grows, you will speed up your learning curve. Features: - LYT Tech Construction - ERA 3.0 - Graphene - Power Sidewall Jacket Construction - Light Composite Core - Structured UHM C Base - Allride Rocker Technologies: - LIGHT DONE RIGHT: Using the lightest, strongest material on Earth, we continuously change and break convention to create something focused, in its purest form. LYT TECH Skis and Ski Boots have one single-minded Goal: To provide exhilarating performance, effortlessly. - GRAPHENE: GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom. - ERA 3.0: Era 3.0 is a combination of technologies, shape, and geometry. Think rocker, think radius, think rebound. Think 3-dimensional!
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