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About Action Sports

Action Sports started with 40 Bicycles and a dream. We have followed trends and created trends. We hire NICE people that ride bikes!

Our success comes from loyal customers that promote us. We want relationships, not just sales. Customer retention and employee retention is how we have made it to nearly 1000 bicycles on display and a brand line-up that is rarely, if ever, seen in the bicycle industry.  Action Sports has all of the basic starter bikes but really focuses on the high-end eye candy.

Located in the center of California, 15 miles off of Interstate 5, and only 6 miles off of historic Highway 99. It is worth a short side-trip for sure!

Action Sports store front
Action Sports Inside the showroom
Action Sports showroom

Action Sports Mission Statement

Provide the valley’s best sporting goods purchase experience through premier product knowledge and customer service, while specializing in the highest quality brands at market competitive prices.

Who is Action Sports?

Kerry Ryan - Owner Team Action SportsKerry Ryan

Born in Glendale, California. Raised in Bakersfield, California.

Schools: Nichols Elementary, Chipman Jr High, Highland High School, Bakersfield Jr College, San Diego State University, California State University Bakersfield.

Sports as hobbies: Snow-skiing, Sailing, Windsurfing, Badminton, Squash, Bowling, Tennis, Bicycling (as transportation to all hobbies), Running, Swimming, Kayaking, Hiking, and many more sports I can’t recall.

Competitive sports background: Snow-ski raced lightly, Golf from age 11-21 (every day rain or shine) until two broken arms and wrists (motorcycle wreck), Bicycle racing from age 25 to now. I rode my bicycle to the golf course every day from age 11-17+. That riding made it an easy transition to bicycle racing later. Still holds the RAAM (Race Across America) 4-person speed record. 23.11 mph avg speed, no drafting, non-stop 5 days 8 hrs, 3000 miles, 136,000 ft of climbing. Legal stops at all stop signs and lights. Less than four hours sleep coast to coast. One rider at a time, leapfrog format, 10-15 minutes per person (as hard as you can) is the average length of time on the bike, repeat….over and over and over!

Other interests: Played drums (10-28), play piano (well enough to get by), love most forms of music and concerts, travel (is essential), currently the most fun is raising my daughter.

Job History: age 13, Davies motorcycle shop, age16 played drums as union musician (until 28). Age 17, Sport Circus-ski tech. Age 18 Kern River golf course-course maintenance. Age 19-21 Ryan Kawasaki-repair mechanic. Age 22-23 Sport Circus- Manager. Store fire so temporarily sold stereos for Auto Sounds. Age 24-28 Sport Circus- Manager, built four locations from the ground up. Age 28, opened Action Sports…..the rest is history (until tomorrow).

Sam AmesSam Ames

General Manager

Sam Ames began cycling after seeing a professional race on TV in the early 1980’s. He was inspired to learn more about the sport and try cycling, so after a long hot summer of working the grape fields he saved $250 and purchased his first racing bike. Sam spent the early years looking, watching and learning from other local cyclists and began racing in 1985. He competed in several triathlons before racing bikes full time in 1987.

Sam has raced ever since, spending time in Barcelona, Spain for a season, racing national championship events and championships and winning 5 regional titles in Cyclocross his favorite form of cycling. Sam came to Action Sports in 2005 and is a Specialized University Master Bicycle Fitter. Fitting people to their bikes and making solid equipment choices is something that Action Sports does better than any other shop and is crucial for cycling enjoyment. Sam can be found working with his prized customer base, leading rides, fitting customers on their bikes and assisting with daily happenings at the store.

Sam has a fantastic wife and two children and values time with them above all. In his spare time (when it’s available) he enjoys repairing and restoring violins and string instruments.

Jerry Campbell - Master Mechanic

Jerry Campbell
Master Mechanic

Jerry is a former A-Pro BMX competitor with over 30 years of wrenching experience, 25 of which have been with Action Sports. Jerry's abilities rival any mechanic anywhere on knowledge and skill set. His specialties include wheel building, hydraulic brakes, and the ability to troubleshoot the toughest of cycle repairs.