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You are unique. Your bike should be, too.

With Project One you can unleash your self-expression wherever you roll with hues that tell a story and perfectly match your style. These ultra-premium custom bikes are made with cutting-edge components and a seemingly endless palette of exquisite colors, plus paint schemes dreamed up by the most creative designers in the bike industry. Project One bikes are the most premium bikes we offer and our team of master artists and builders are ready to transform your wildest ideas into reality. 

Your custom ride is four steps away


Choose your model

Choose one of Trek’s most-loved models to customize


Choose your paint

Choose from thousands of colors and design schemes


Choose your parts

Spec every component or choose a curated build


Begin the countdown

As fast as four weeks, your customized bike will be delivered to us, ready to ride

Experience Project One

Experience Project One

Experience Project One

Be your own artist, or use one of Trek’s

You design

When it comes to customizing, there are no wrong choices. Start by picking from a seemingly endless palette of colors, and subtle or bold logo designs to create a bike that perfectly matches your style.
Let your creativity soar.

Trek designs

Too many options can be overwhelming — Trek has simplified it for you with curated designs you’re sure to fall in love with. Pick an ultra-premium paint scheme, then cherry-pick your favorite components. Trek’s master painters and mechanics will bring your dream to life at their headquarters in Waterloo, WI.

Custom road bike family

Custom road bike family

Custom road bike family

Choose your custom road bike

Ride fast, ride far, or ride light with a Project One road bike. No matter how hard you pedal, it’s sure to look fast.

Madone SLR

Madone is speed incarnate—it combines everything Trek knows about going fast into one swift superbike.

Domane SLR

Domane’s road-smoothing tech helps you ride with more speed and comfort on every ride.

Domane+ SLR

Domane+ is Trek’s lightest, quietest e-road bike with a subtle boost for all-day adventures and the fastest group rides.

Émonda SLR

Émonda is super light, incredibly balanced, and just aero enough to make it Trek’s fastest-ever climbing bike.

Checkpoint SLR

Checkpoint is made for gravel aficionados who mainly ride off-pavement and want tons of capability.

Speed Concept

Speed Concept is the most aero bike Trek has ever made—and it's your best choice for your fastest triathlon bike splits and time trials.

Design & Innovation Award 2022

The benchmark of bike beauty

“The Trek team offers exceptionally crafted, exclusive custom paint jobs on their bikes unlike any other in the bike industry... Trek pulls out all the stops to make the custom bike experience a reality for their loyal fans.”

- Design & Innovation Award, 2022